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barley grassWelcome to AIM Australia products through Natural Techniques * We are pleased to be an independent distributor for the AIM family providing you choices of quality products from AIM Australia  such as: AIM Barleylife®AIM Just Carrots ®, and AIM Herbal Fiberblend ®. Juicing with the AIM Garden Trio® using a green barley grass juice, a carrot juice and a beet juice ! Visit our Product Listings page for a complete list. Other Countries

AIM Australia , located in Somerton, VIC., offers products such as BarleyLife, and Herbal Fiberblend.  All prices are inclusive of G.S.T. All orders will incur a $8.50 freight charge. Products are shown on the price list are in Australian dollars.

Three of our living well items are:

AIM's BarleyLifeaustralia barleylife

AIM BarleyLife is an all-natural, green barley grass juice powder concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. AIM BarleyLife® is green barley grass juice made even better! Considered the most nutritional of the green grasses, barley grass provides a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll and phytochemicals. AIM BarleyLife® contains a small amount of kelp, adding further vitamins and minerals.

Simply mix powder with water or juice.

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AIM Australia products   Retail Price Member Prices
AIM Barleylife® 180g Powder single 40.30 Login to view prices
  6-pack 234.00 Login to view prices
AIM Barleylife® 360g Powder single 71.50 Login to view prices
  6-pack 421.20 Login to view prices
AIM Barleylife® 280 Capsules single 65.00 Login to view prices
  6-pack 382.20 Login to view prices

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AIM Herbal Fiberblend ®

Herbal Fiberblend dietary fiber fiber diet australiaAIM Herbal Fiberblend ® is the perfect product for your detoxification needs. Combining the soluble fiber Psyllium with a variety of cleansing herbs, Herbal Fiberblend ® provides a simple way to cleanse. With AIM Herbal Fiberblend ®, there is no need to fast or to take multiple products at different times.  For more information  on Herbal Fiberblend

Available in: Raspberry flavor (375 gm.), and unflavoured Herbal Fiberblend  (375 gm.)Australia herbal fiberblend

AIM Australia products   Retail Price Member Price
AIM Herbal Fiberblend single 55.90 Login to view prices
  6-pack 327.60 Login to view prices

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AIM Just Carrots ® Carrot juice made easy!Just Carrots - carrot juice Australia

Have you ever wished that you could have carrot juice anytime?

Then you’ll love AIM Just Carrots carrot juice. AIM Just Carrots ® gives you the fresh, healthy taste of carrot juice in a convenient powder form! One serving of Just Carrots provides you with 360 percent of the Daily Value for beta carotene, plus other vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals found in raw carrots. You’ll find Just Carrots a great way to maintain total health through the benefits of carrots! - AIM Just Carrots carrot juice!

Available in: Powder (400gm.), and 350 caplets

AIM Australia products   Retail Price Member Price
AIM Just Carrots 400gm single 55.90 Login to view prices
  6-pack 327.60 Login to view prices

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Some more of our living well items can be found on our : Product Listings page

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AIM products are not sold from this site as cures or treatments for any disease. These products are supplements that are intended to improve the nutritional profile of the individuals who use them. Those with health concerns should consult a health care practitioner. Results may vary per person.

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