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What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the term used to describe the process your body goes through to get rid of toxins.

You can help your body to detoxify by exercising, reducing or eliminating certain things from your diet, and consuming the right foods, drinks, and supplements. For example, eat raw vegetables and fruit, drink pure water, and take the Daily Essentials—AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega®, and AIM Herbal Fiberblend®.

Detoxification symptoms—both physical and mental—may appear when you alter your lifestyle by starting something new, such as changing your diet or exercising, or by discontinuing a current habit, such as consuming a lot of sugar or drinking coffee.

Symptoms may include headache, stomach ache, cough, diarrhea, skin eruptions (rash), clogged sinus, and fever, as well as feeling rundown and irritable. The symptoms may be of short duration and slight irritation, or they could last longer and cause you considerable discomfort.

Because these symptoms are the same as those that show up in certain illnesses, changing your diet or lifestyle can result in misunderstanding: If I am doing something that is supposed to be good for me, why do I have these symptoms? Why do I feel worse, and not better? Understanding this apparent contradiction is perhaps the first, and most important, hurdle you must get over when making a dietary or lifestyle change.

If you consider this contradiction carefully, however, it is easy to understand. Think of how you might have experienced this on a short-term basis. If you do not get regular exercise and then play softball, the next day you might feel bad—tired with sore muscles. This is your body reacting to something that it is not used to doing.
You can see the same thing when you stop a regular activity; if you are a soda drinker and stop this habit, you may notice that you have less energy and you may even have a headache for a short term as your body shifts into a healthier mode. When you change your diet or lifestyle, the same thing happens; your body reacts to the change.

Why does this happen?

As we live, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Some of these are due to our diet and others are due to the environment around us.
Of course, our lifestyle also fits in—if you smoke or use alcohol you are accumulating even more toxins.

When you make a healthy change in your diet or lifestyle, toxins are released into the bloodstream and carried through the circulatory system before being eliminated from your body. This process may result in headache, diarrhea, or constipation, and often toxins are eliminated through the skin, resulting in rashes or skin problems. You may also feel a lack of energy.


Detoxification Symptoms

  • Clogged sinus

  •  Cold symptoms

  • Constipation

  • Cough

  • Diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Fever

  • Flu symptoms

  • Gas

  • Headache

  • Irritability

  • Moodiness

  • Skin Rash

  • Stomach ache


How severe are the symptoms and how long do they last?

The duration and severity of symptoms depends on your lifestyle before making a change and how quickly you make it.
Drastic or gradual changes determine a long or short duration.

Symptoms can also come in cycles, so you may start to feel better and then experience additional symptoms as even more toxins are eliminated. However, you will find that the period of symptoms becomes shorter and the period of well-being becomes greater.

What can I do during this period?

Rest, and let your body do what it needs to detoxify. If you have the luxury of staying home, do so. If not, limit social engagements and cut back on any exercise you are getting. Give your body as much energy as possible to do its job. Eat light meals that are easy to digest—consume vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water.

Balance your Body pH

While striving for good health, we focus on measuring cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, calories, etc. However, the measurement most important to your health is the pH of your blood and tissues – how acidic or alkaline is it?

What is pH?

The acid or alkaline measurement of your body is classified in pH (potential of hydrogen) factors. The pH scale ranges from 0–14 with 7 being neutral. A pH above 7 is basic (or alkaline); below 7 is acidic (The AIM pH test kit measures a range from 5.0–9.0). Acids and bases are chemicals that are opposites. When they meet in certain ratios, they cancel each other out, creating a neutral pH.

In the blood, it takes about twenty times as much base/alkaline to neutralize any given amount of acid, so it is both better and easier to maintain pH balance rather than to regain it. The most important indicator of our pH is blood, which should ideally be maintained at 7.365 pH.

Why is a balanced body pH so important?

The pH level of your internal fluids affects every cell of your body. Your entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment. Over-acidity or chronic acidity breaks down your body tissues; eventually it interrupts cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the firing of neurons in your brain. In effect, acidity interferes with your “quality of life”.

What happens if I’m acidic?

As examples, eating too much acid-ash-forming foods or drinking soft drinks on a daily basis makes you acidic. Your body neutralizes acidity with stored, alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. When your body is low on reserves of these minerals, the blood steals them from your tissue, organs, or bones to neutralize strong acids and assist in eliminating them.

Excess acid is stored in tissue when the blood is unable to balance the overload. That’s when the lymphatic system goes to work at neutralizing the acid build-up, returning it to the blood for elimination. However, if the lymphatic system is compromised, acid continues to accumulate in tissue until it is eventually transferred into fatty tissue or your organs, such as the colon, heart, liver, and pancreas.

This cyclical struggle to rid the body of acid wastes accelerates the aging process. Since disease thrives in an acidic environment, your body pH determines your state of health. An acidic body pH opens the door to irritation, inflammation, and disease. An alkaline body pH opens the door to good health.

How do I maintain a healthy body pH?

What you consume impacts the pH of your body, affecting your cells, organs and tissue. Related to the process of detoxifying, eating fresh, whole food, drinking pure water, and supplementing with AIM products help to keep your body pH alkaline. Specifically, maintain a diet that includes a balance of 75% alkaline-ashforming foods and 25% acid-ash-forming foods (see the AIM pH Food Guide datasheet for examples).

The focus of your diet should be vegetables, which alkalinize your body while providing vital nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. If you eat a large variety of dark green leafy vegetables and supplement with AIM BarleyLife®, you will get all the essential amino acids—the building blocks of protein.

Meat protein is acidic, so limit the amount you consume and supplement your daily protein with AIM ProPeas™. Sugar is also acidic and creates inflammation in cells, tissues, and organs, so avoid the added sugar that is so prevalent in packaged foods and drinks. For example, by regularly drinking soda pop, you are literally dumping acid into your body.

Too much acidity in your body is toxic, so balancing your body pH with the right foods, drinks and supplements is a form of detoxification.

How can I measure my pH?

A quick way to estimate what is happening in your body tissue is to test the pH of your urine or saliva using the AIM pH Test Kit (5488E), which contains easy-to-use strips that provide accurate pH readings. As you make dietary changes, measuring your pH on a regular basis is an excellent way to check that you are maintaining a balanced body pH


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