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Volume Discounts available by purchasing six or more of each of the below listed products.

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Description UK Codes BVP Retail Price each
Note on BVP (Bonus Volume Points) is a numerical value associated with each of a product.  In the case of a Single of AIM BarleyLife® 360 grams powder, there is 40 BVP per each.  Should you purchase two of them, then the total BVP would be 50 for that order.

AIM BarleyLife® 360 grams powder - an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate - Pure juice, not milled grass.
Single 4329E 40 £39.00
6-Pack 4416E 240 £218.40
AIM BarleyLife® 280 vegetarian capsules  -an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate - Capsules dissolve rapidly for excellent assimilation and absorption
Single 4107E 30 £33.80
6-Pack 4417E 180 £187.20

AIM Just Carrots® 400 grams powder - is 100 percent natural, with no added sugar. Available in a ready-to-mix powder or easy-to-take caplet.
Single 4113E 28 £32.50
6-Pack 4418E 168 £179.40

AIM Redibeets® 250 grams powder - a concentrated beet juice with only the fibre removed
Single 4116E 21 £24.70
6-Pack 4420E 126 £132.60


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